Welcome to Mandalafusion

We created this website  in order to meld and distribute the energy artwork, that are channelled  and created  by several creativly gifted visionary artists.

On this site you will find energy works by Christine Rainbird.

Down the track,  we hope to offer you  the benefit of many other gifted artists's work also, .... and perhaps.... you?

Currently,  we have a range of highly transformational energy products for you to choose from,  available in various formats, such as :  Mandala prints, and Soul Art prints, Original artwork.

More information regarding the affects and benefits of the individual energies channelled are given alongside each product.

Our ongoing Vision at Mandala Fusion is to add many other new Spiritual Artists and their energy products to this site over time, such as :  Music, clothing, jewellery, homewares, essential oils, bedlinen, and textiles, to name a few, which all of us here are very excited about!

Thank you so much for visiting our website today.... we really hope you enjoy experiencing these beautiful energies.

And remember!...Live your live with Passion & Vitality

Namaste and many abundant blessings!

The  Mandala Fusion team