What is a Mandala?

The word Mandala is the Sanskrit word for ‘circle'.

A Mandala is a geometric pattern or chart, typically circular, which symbolically represents wholeness, unity and the cosmos and can be used for spiritual growth and meditation purposes.

Human recognition of the Mandala first originated in the Hindu religion, when they were used as a design element in temples, and after that Mandala’s were then integrated into Buddhism teachings.

However, both Sacred Geometry and the concept of a Mandala is in fact an ancient Universal art form, which is now becoming more widely known and recognised throughout the world for its healing and

transformational abilities.

Creating a Mandala is a form of advanced meditation, as is working with or contemplating on a finished Mandala. They are generally full of symbolism, colour and richly detailed. 

How do they work ?

Mandala’s are extremely effective as a tool to connect with the unconscious or hidden aspects of the self.  They can be used as spiritual transformational and meditation aids in a non-religious Universal context.  

When you connect with any of the Mandalas in the   Self-Empowerment series, the energies, colours, numerological sequences, and symbols used will have a profound effect on the viewer, as the channelled energies will be felt and recognised at a higher level by the Soul or Higher Self and ‘downloaded’ directly into your cellular memory. 

A Mandala especially when hung in a room or sacred space, also acts as a visually beautiful energy portal or ‘Feng Shui' piece radiating out specific energies, that are most effective to activate personal and spiritual growth.

When viewed and experienced over time, a Mandala’s healing energies will support the manifestation of the highest outcomes required by the Soul. If there are any blockages, limiting patterns, or belief systems still being held by the viewer(s) at an unconscious level, that would prevent this, specific energies also channelled into each Mandala will assist the gentle release of these.

You do not have to consciously understand Sacred Geometry or the contents of a Mandala in order to gain the energetic benefits.  Nor do you have to spend hours in meditation and contemplation, unless this is a chosen aspect of your spiritual practice.  

Simply by looking at the Mandala with conscious intent to align with the energy for a few minutes each day will activate a transformational effect.

How can the Mandala help you?

Mandalas when used as meditation aids and tools gently enable the release of limiting patterns and beliefs, as well as bringing new energies and states of awareness and consciousness into your life.  

New personal insights become possible as the mind relaxes its control and a clearer connection to your soul essence emerges.  

Psychologist Carl Jung saw Mandala’s as a powerful tool towards personal understanding and growth.

If you choose to work more closely with any of the Self-Empowerment Mandala’s during regular meditation, then the effects of the energies will be further amplified and enhanced. Using your conscious intent to bring these healing energies into your life will further activate, support and enhance the process.  

You can choose to work with any of the Mandala’s individually and each one will significantly enhance and support an aspect of your personal and spiritual growth, however they are most effective when used in combination with each other as a powerful support system on your personal journey to authentic Self Empowerment.  An explanation energy description can be found on the back of each Mandala.

Put simply …the energies and encoded messages within each Mandala will assist YOU to change your life!

How do I work with the Mandalas ?

Some life changing Questions for you to consider:

    Is there anything you currently dislike or disown about yourself? 

    If so, are you committed to honestly exploring and changing what you dislike?

    Do you still need approval from others in order to feel worthy in any aspect of your life... if so why?

    Do you avoid taking responsibility for all of your own choices and decisions?

    Or alternatively, do you feel you need to take responsibility for everything and everyone?

    Do you at times suppress your true feelings simply to keep the peace or to avoid rejection from others?

    Do you long to be free, to make choices that would nourish, support and honour yourself on all levels?

    Do you feel an inner urge to make some changes in your life but don’t know where to start?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to one or more of these questions, then you may have been unconsciously giving away your personal power due to some unconscious limiting belief systems.

The Self Empowerment Mandala’s along with your conscious intent to change and reconnect with the authentic you, can assist you in the process to reclaim your personal power and walk your true path in life.

Become Self Empowered

Personal power, integrity, self-confidence and an ability to manifest and have what we want in life is at the core of this energy.

Here lies a healthy sense of self-esteem and self worth.

From a leadership perspective, personal power may be our greatest gift and service to others, which is in essence true empowerment - an integrated reflection of the true Self to the world.

However, it can also be  our harshest weapon if emotional wounds remain unconscious or unhealed, and our power is driven by an insincere intent, giving rise to manipulation, domination and a need to have control over others and our daily life experiences in order to feel safe.

Recognition and Integration of the ego or personality is what nourishes self-empowerment, allowing us to move into a place, where we can live with authenticity, abundance, balance, express with clarity our personal truth, and experience real and inspiring autonomy.

With a healthy and balanced personal power centre, you are able to stand confident in your own unique and authentic identity with integrity, free from hidden agendas, and with a focused intention aligned with a higher purpose that is of benefit for the good of all.

The outer world is simply a mirror. The situations and people you experience in the world outside of yourself are always a reflection of your own inner state of consciousness and awareness.

Self  Empowerment Affirmation

I have finally decided to live up to my full potential.

I will no longer settle for less than I know I am capable of achieving.

I am no longer satisfied with making excuses and rationalizations.

My desire to move forward will outweigh my fear of the unknown.

I realise that everything I do makes a difference.

I now give my intent to put that power to good and valuable use.

I accept that there is really no reason to put my Own Self empowerment off any longer.  

There is every reason for me to go ahead and live this truth.

I was born to do great things, to create much value and to make a real difference to the world.

Any longing and frustration I feel is simply a reminder that I am not fully doing this.

I now give intent to listen to what this is showing me.

My life can be as abundantly rich and meaningful as I am ready to make it.

Now is the time to make it great!