Capung (Dragonfly)

The Sacred Geometry in this Mandala holds powerful energies, which will assist any process of Spiritual Transformation.

Patterns or beliefs that the Soul no longer needs are held as ‘Superawareness’,  before they are consciously recognised by the Human Self.

This Mandala works with the Unconscious Self to bring this awareness into the conscious mind, so that these patterns can be released.


Kupu Kupu (Butterfly)

The Sacred Geometry in this Mandala holds powerful energies, which assist any process of Physical Transformation, especially when combined with conscious intent.

This Mandala will assist any process of  unconscious Spiritual Transformation, that has been underway.

It is a gentle, yet powerful energy, which works with the conscious thought processes and the memory cells of the Physical body to activate a new way of being experiencing, and relating


Rainbow Serpent

The Sacred Geometry and energies channelled in this Mandala honour the 5 directions Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Ether.

The Rainbow Serpent holds the frequencies of the Kundalini Ley lines of the Earth.

This is powerful transformational energy , specifically focused on connection with the Earth.

For  ‘Earth Energy Workers’  this Mandala  will activate, align and support your energetic service work.


Passion & Vitality - ‘New Beginnings’

The Sacred Geometry and energies channelled in this Mandala activate and encourage new life, new beginnings  and a passion for expansion and new experiences.

It will assist you to gently release any fears associated with taking risks or embracing change.

This will assist you to move forward in your life......

with passion!

Mandala Print on Acrylic

Size: 40 cm x 40 cm

-  Including Certificate of Authenticity

-  Aluminum fixing included

Larger sizes on order.

Matted Mandala Prints

- Printed on High Quality Fine Art Paper

- Including Certificate of Authenticity

The Sacred Geometry in this Mandala attracts abundance  on both the Material and the Spiritual level.  

Abundance comes in the form of wealth, opportunities, ideas, and support from others, as well as creative insights from one’s own intuitive higher self.

True abundance is freedom from the fear of scarcity, having all that you need in any moment, and trusting that this will always be so.!


Dragon Energy

The Sacred Geometry and the energies channeled in this Mandala hold powerful healing and transformational codes.

They will unlock cellular memories held deep within the self.

This allows for the activation of unrecognised hidden gifts and the release of any blockages,  that would prevent these from being embraced and realised.

Sacred Feminine

This Mandala contains channelled energies, that are aligned with the Universal Sacred Feminine.

Whether male or female, they will assist you to connect to your inner sacred ‘feminine aspect or inner Goddess’ ,

enhancing your ability to nurture yourself and others from a place of unconditional love, empowered self-worth and self-esteem.

Self Empowerment

The Sacred Geometry and energies channelled in this Mandala activate the wisdom and remembrance that all power is held within.

Standing in one’s own power is quite different than seeking it from another.

The energies of this Mandala will assist you to be a fully empowered creative force, knowing you have the ability within yourself  to manifest all your needs.

The Mandala prints are available on the different mediums:

Mandala Prints by visionary artist Christine Rainbird

The Self Empowerment Series

The Self Empowerment Series of mandalas will activate inner transformation and integration of the Higher Self...

if used and followed in sequence, they will also assist the journeyer to embrace a new beginning and experience the fullest outcomes of their inner dreams and goals, in whatever way is appropriate for the viewer at the time.

This series will assist and benefit everyone, from the casual ‘seeker’ to the advanced spiritual journeyer.  


To be authentic is to truly know oneself, and be willing to share this truth with others.

The Sacred Geometry in this Mandala will assist you to align with this  deeper inner knowledge, and assist the process of removing any patterns and beliefs, that would limit the expression of your authentic Self to the world.

Sacred Relationship

The Sacred Geometry channelled in this Mandala holds the codes for Sacred Relationship both with the self and others.

This level of relationship when combined with a sincere commitment from the individual(s) involved, will result in a deeper connection on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The energies of this Mandala will support you on the journey towards this level of unity and harmony.

Follow Your Dreams

The Sacred Geometry and energies channelled in this Mandala will activate cellular memories of your soul purpose and destiny.

Working with these energies on a regular basis will support the inspiration to follow this calling.

The gifts and attributes that are required to fulfill these dreams will be re-activated due to a finer sense of awareness, new clarity and insights.

Integrated Balance

The Sacred Geometry and energies channelled in this Mandala assist the alignment of the left and the right sides of the brain.

This brings the masculine and feminine energies within the self into balance and also activates the integration of both logical and intuitive creative abilities.

When these aspects are working in harmony  you will experience life from a more balanced perspective.!


Large: 44 cm x 44 cm

Small: 30 cm x 30 cm

Mini :  14 cm x 14 cm


Size: 9 cm x 9 cm

- Including envelope